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Frequently Asked Questions
(or Questions That Should Be Asked - QTSBA)

What is TEAR?
Why should I use this?
Which release should I download?
Why do you support these programs and not...?
Why are there so many features? I am confused as to what options to use.
So, what should I do with these MP3s? *Wink**Wink*
I found a BUG, What should I do?
How can I help?

What is TEAR?
TEAR is a "front-end" that automates all of the steps involved in making a MP3.

TEAR uses several common MP3 tools to help you create exactly the type of MP3 you want.
For a file that includes all of the supported programs use the Download Page.

Why should I use TEAR?
Frankly, if you don't already know, you shouldn't. TEAR is not meant as a replacement for your MP3 player, your CD ripper, your MP3 encoder, or any of your other MP3 related tools. TEAR is an addition to those tools.

Which release should I download?
As you have noticed there are three categories of tear to choose from: tear, tear-devel, and tear-require. There is a reason for this, beyond pure sadism.

The "regular" tear releases are the stable ones. These have been tested to make sure that there are no obvious bugs and that everything seems to work right. In general you would want to download one of these.

The "devel" releases are usually very similar to "stable" releases. They will be less well tested but they generally still work. Sometimes the devel releases have features that have not yet reached stable, you probably want to just wait for these to be tested better.

The "require" releases are just a way of helping you collect all of the individual software you may need to run tear. Instead of running from site to site downloading encoders and cd-rippers you can just download the one file and get everything at once. These releases are made only occasioanlly and may not have the latest software available.

Why do you support these programs?
A lot of time was spent choosing what programs to support in TEAR. What seemed to be the best programs in their field were chosen, sometimes this meant that several different programs were supported to do the same task. I believe that TEAR uses the best programs available.

Don't agree with me? Tell me what program is better. If I agree I will add support for it in the next release.

Why are there so many features? I am confused as to what to use.
I'm sorry you are confused, if you do not what options to invoke at runtime, it is quite possible you don't want to invoke any. The default settings give the most commonly desired results.

What should I do with these MP3s?
Listen to them!

The developers of tear do not support any illegal uses of MP3s. We created this program with the backup of media in mind. We do however realize that some people are going to use it for other purposes. We do not deal in illegal MP3s. We do not trade, offer, or accept propostions to download them.

Sorry about the rant, but sometimes it is neccessary.

I found a BUG, what should I do?
Every release of TEAR has been tested (though sometimes you can't tell), and during those test no bugs were found. That does not mean that there are no bugs. Every experience with TEAR is going to be different. If something went wrong while you were using it, it may go wrong for someone else too.

If you found a bug, please email me about it. You don't have to know how to fix it, or even exactly what went wrong.

In your email, tell me what the bug was and any extra information that may be relevant (the settings you were using, your system type, which CD, just about anything may be useful in tracking this bug)

How can I help?
What can you do?

I need people to do just about everything.
I would like:
  • More Developers
  • MORE Bug Reports!!!!
  • Packagers (RPM, Slackware, Any Package)
  • Beta Testers
  • Documentation Writers
  • People to come up with new ideas
  • Anything else you want to do?
If you can do any of that stuff, e-mail me and we will discuss it, or (for some things) just do it.

Last Updated: 6/20/2001