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tear 0.9.0
Oct 19, 2001
"Happy Birthday"
Complete Rewrite of Code,
New line of development begins here.

tear 0.4.6
Oct 19, 2001
"Iridescent Shark"
Fixed long-standing CDDB_use incompatibility,
fixed playlist support

tear 0.4.5
May 01, 2001
"Joey -> "
Updated --step functionality,
Fixed wav files save error,
Makefile update,
Documentation update,
Conf file bug fixed,
Default cddb db now freedb.freedb.org,
Improved code legibility,
tearrc file better documented

April 24, 2001
The Awaited
Default cddb entry changed to freedb.freedb.org finally

tear 0.5.9
March 7, 2001
"I'm Here"
Conf File Bug Fixed

tear 0.5.8
January 25, 2001
"A MP3 Oddyssey"
Documentation Update,
Makefile update,
Paved way to new frontiers

tear 0.5.7
November 27, 2000
"Pregnant Chads"
Fixed wav file save error,
Updated --step functionality

tear 0.4.4
November 9, 2000
"Fork: Service Unavailable"
Playlist Support,
Minor Bug Fixes,
Catch-up of Documentation (I think),
Offers much anticipated features in stable format

tear 0.5.6
November 6, 2000
"Mr. Popo Comes Out!"
Customizable File Naming,
File Munging,
Major Bug Fix,
New/Better WAV file handling.

tear 0.5.5
November 3, 2000
"Escargot, No Thanks."
Special CDDB feature
./.tearrc is back
Updated Documentation

tear 0.5.4
October 27, 2000
"Mystical Cannonballs"
Support for cdda2wav, gogo, mp3enc, and xing
Nice levels support added,
can now use multiple steps,
fixed ~/.tearrc,
Getting ready for a 1.x release?

tear 0.4.3
October 17, 2000
"Whispered Tiles"
Fixed "/" in file names bug,
Many testing hours,
Minor Bug-Fixes

tear 0.5.3
October 11, 2000
"Rhino Dancer"
ID3 support re-re-re-redesigned (current design),
Got bored and named this release,
configurable directories,
ID3 comments,
Configuration files

tear 0.5.2
October 2, 2000
ID3 re-re-redesigned,
all ID3 bugs fixed?,
created the much loved MAN page,

tear 0.5.1
September 18, 2000
"Not even Close to Stability"
bladeenc support added and tested,
lame no longer required to be installed,
all new ID3 tagging process added, (very buggy)
A CDDB related bug was fixed (later cleaned up more),
separated tear-require, lowering the file size of tear.

tear 0.4.2
September 12, 2000
"Development Pays Off"
standardized command-line arguments,
fixed the noisy lame bug,
fixed wrong genre tags in ID3,
added a beep upon completion :)

tear 0.5.0
September 08, 2000
"Release Often? I guess..."
Added many CDDB options:
manual override, server options, double checking,
spruced-up directory handling - optimized the code dramatically,
repaired all batch ripping related settings - batch no longer default,
congratulated myself,
rebuilt option handling - now more standardized - took a lot longer than it should have,
fixed a few newly discovered bugs (mkdir error, bad argument, CDDB failure),
added support for tearing of only one track,
created web page: tear.sourceforge.net

tear 0.4.1
September 05, 2000
"Oops, Wrong Version"
Release to fix a bug that may cause a segmentation fault in 0.4

tear 0.4
September 05, 2000
"Documentation is Important?"
Simple Makefile.
reply to a bad argument (later removed - it was dumb and didn't work)
Updated README file for proper email address and spelling corrections.
Added directions for using tear when not root.

Perhaps it should be 0.2.1 instead of 0.4 but I don't care all that much.

tear 0.2
August 28, 2000
"Initial Release"
This being the initial version support was limited.
Basic Lame support, basic cdparanoia, poor id3 support, and CDDB access.
cdparanoia support involved batch ripping by default.
Options could be passed through the command line using non-standard options.
Lame would not run silently.