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Compact Discs... You can play 'em, spin 'em, rip 'em, press 'em, burn 'em, even shoot 'em.
Now you can tear 'em, too.

T.E.A.R. (pronounced TAIR) is a console based front-end for common MP3 creation tools which automates all of the necessary settings involved in ripping and encoding a CD into MP3 format.

TEAR first calls a CDDB database (freedb.freedb.org) to gather information about the CD in your drive. This information is used in the naming of your mp3s. It is also used to create correct id3 tags. (This step can be skipped by entering the information manually.)

After the CD's details have been gathered, TEAR can either batch rip the entire CD into .wav files or only rip one track at a time. The CD to .wav ripping is done using cdparanoia, or cdda2wav.

After a track has been ripped TEAR uses lame, bladeenc, gogo, xing, or mp3enc to encode the mp3 file. The id3 tagging is also done at this time. Support for other encoders is always being added.

Other requirements include:
PERL (Included in most *NIX systems)
CDDB_get (Included in the REQUIRE package)
id3tool (Included in the REQUIRE package)